Your Lay Ceremony

Lay caremony

More and more of you are being seduced by this concept, which can be said to have revolutionized the world of marriage for several years. A secular ceremony marks the memory of an event without a legal character. The reasons why you contact me vary from one meeting to another, but the ones listed below often prevail; As future bride and groom: – you are not tempted by the usual religious side and the religious symbolism of the place of celebration or simply because you are not practicing; – because you are…

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Wedding Gift: Mistakes To Avoid

Wedding Gift

Whether one is the guest or the guest of a wedding, the question of the gift to the grooms is often thorny. A list or no list? A personal or collective gift? How much? Tips and testimonials not to commit an odd one. “One person did not offer us anything for our wedding, so I still do not understand why, maybe it’s silly, but it damaged the friendship I had for this person “Remembers Suzanne, 41, with a touch of bitterness. Indeed, when it comes to wedding gifts, neither the bridegrooms nor the guests are immune to a faux…

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