Shoping In The Charming City Of Sorrento


Sorrento is an Italian town located in the Gulf of Naples in Campania. The picturesque town enjoys a Mediterranean climate; If you prefer more clement times, do not hesitate to visit this beautiful area out of season. Due to its pleasant climate, Sorrento offers one of the longest tourist seasons. The city has attracted visitors for several years. Today, tourists come from all over the world to stroll through its charming streets, to see its famous architecture and, of course, to enjoy some shopping! Climate The city of Sorrento enjoys a Mediterranean climate. This means that…

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7 Ultra Female Jewelry That All Girls Should Have

7 ultra female jewelry that all girls

Jewelery is an integral part of the world of beauty and feminine fashion. If some women are only attached to jewelry with strong symbols (alliance, family inheritance …), others consider them as THE accessory necessary to complete and accessorize an outfit . For a look as sexy as feminine, Raspberry Red lists you the jewelry that all the girls should count in their wardrobe!  PS: you can find the majority of these models in any accessory shop for not very expensive;): Are you tired of the greyness of winter? Do you want to change your…

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6 Gift Ideas To The Guests for a Cheap Wedding!

Guests for a Cheap Wedding!

It is customary to offer a small gift to the guests on the day of the wedding. Traditionally these were dragees but lately, new gift ideas have appeared. These gifts are of low value per unit, but when you offer 100, it adds up quickly and easily represents several hundred euros. If you look at the gifts that are sold on specialized sites, you soon realize that they are quite expensive (between 2 and 3 € per unit) for what they really are worth. Here are 8 gift ideas to do to your…

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