Top 5 Shopping Tips in New York

Everyone will find its happiness in New York, probably one of the most popular cities in the world where to shop. From famous department stores in downtown Manhattan to small farmers markets in Brooklyn, the city has a multitude of trendy products to suit all tastes. The Grande Pomme is a perfect destination for a shopping holiday if you come from Europe since the exchange rate will play in your favor! Throughout this article, we will take you to our favorite places to shop in town. We have classified the stores into five…

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Basel – Shopping City

shopping city

Basel is a shopping paradise with many addresses. Specialist shops for all tastes in the center of Grand and Petit-Bâle, modern shopping centers on the periphery of one side of the border and on the other with a wide range of food, fashion and all kinds of goods Of consumer goods. The Freie Strasse is the first shopping street in Basel with shops for all tastes. Daily needs are covered by several retailers: Migros , Coop , Manor , Denner and Aldi . An offer complemented by many specialist shops, DIY stores and neighborhood grocery stores. Basel is a center of watchmaking…

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Istanbul Shopping City

Istanbul Shopping

Shopping Centers Istanbul In all major cities of TURKEY like Istanbul, one can find giant shopping malls more beautiful, bigger and more innovative than the others in Istanbul. Like the rest of the world, the country is not spared by capitalism, by excessive consumption. The Turks are spending people, who like to go out, buy. All occasions are good for shopping in Istanbul. Istanbul Shopping Festival since 2011:  The ISTANBUL Shopping Festival  is a trade event that lasts 3 weeks, seeing 1 month throughout the city, for the participating shops, they open…

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