6 Gift Ideas To The Guests for a Cheap Wedding!

Guests for a Cheap Wedding!

It is customary to offer a small gift to the guests on the day of the wedding. Traditionally these were dragees but lately, new gift ideas have appeared. These gifts are of low value per unit, but when you offer 100, it adds up quickly and easily represents several hundred euros.

If you look at the gifts that are sold on specialized sites, you soon realize that they are quite expensive (between 2 and 3 € per unit) for what they really are worth. Here are 8 gift ideas to do to your guests for a cheap wedding, ie less than 1 € per person.

I will present some gift ideas below. Of course, in life there are no mysteries, if you want gifts to inexpensive guests, we will have to spend some time assembling them or Make them ;-). But if you are a minimal organized, you will get there without problem.

Idea # 1: Offer a pot of aromatic herbs

For the pot of herbs (eg parsley or basil), you can collect empty cans and plant your herbs in it. Then you decorate with a pretty label and a small flag:

can-plantsSource: handmadeandcraft.com

Idea # 2: Soaps

Always useful and decorative, soaps are cheap. You can make them yourself from Marseille soaps and dyes (see the instructions for use ).

Alternatively, you can buy soap in the supermarket (lavender soaps or other perfumes, organic soaps … in short, look at what exists and the prices). You will certainly find around 1 € per unit. Then, you can make and print at home beautiful labels to put around the soap. Here are two examples:


Source: rockytopsoap.com


Source: etsy.com

Idea # 3: Candles:

The candle also has the advantage of being inexpensive and makes a nice little wedding gift cheap. Making your candles is quite easy, you will find a tutorial here . By reusing small baby jars, one can make this kind of candles:


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