Bella Hadid forgot The Weeknd? It Expresses Itself

Bella Hadid forgot

Bella Hadid was very saddened by her break with The Weeknd. Recently she seemed very close to DJ Daniel Chetrit. Are they in a couple? The mannequin said more!

Recently, we wondered if Bella Hadid had forgotten The Weeknd with another man . Indeed, the mannequin appeared very close and accomplice of DJ Daniel Chetrit. Both had been spotted in the Soho neighborhood of New York City holding hands after dining together in one of the city’s most famous restaurants. Many thought that Bella Hadid had found love after her break with The Weeknd at the end of 2016 and that she had definitely forgotten the singer, now a couple with Selena Gomez. Following these rumors, the American top wanted to express itself about his relationship with DJ Daniel Chetrit via his Twitter account . Did she really forget her ex boyfriend thanks to this new relationship?

If Bella Hadid appeared very close to Daniel Chetrit, she is still single ! The model claimed through her Twitter account that she and the DJ were just friends and that’s it. “Just to be clear … I’m still not going out with one of my best friends in a committed relationship with me and my happiness for now.” , She wrote. One thing is certain, it seems that these rumors made Bella Hadid laugh . “Bella and Daniel have been close friends for ages, but there is nothing romantic about them, they are really good friends.” Daniel has always been there for Bella and he has been a shoulder to cry after his break-up of The Weeknd .

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