Best Pieces of Gold Jewellery for Men and How to Wear Them?

gold jewellery for men

If there’s one aspect of men’s fashion that feels complicated to most men, it’s jewellery. Many men who want to wear it feel confused about how to get started with it. So in this article we’ll take a look on this particular aspect of men’s fashion. We’ll talk about 5 jewellery items that men can wear, and how to wear them. Let’s begin:

  1. Watches: Wrist watches are the most common, most obvious and most important parts of men’s jewellery and accessories. They add class and sophistication to a man’s looks, and therefore they can act as good starting points when you want to build your jewellery collection. There’re two ways you can go around watches – either get many less expensive watches of different styles, and then match them up with your various dresses, or get an expensive one that’s minimalist and can go well with majority of your dressing styles.
  2. Bracelets: Men’s bracelets are also becoming common these days, and they’re the next important jewellery item in line after watches. There’s a simple rule of thumb that you should keep in mind while getting them for you – always match them with the color of your watch, even if you won’t be wearing them in the same arm. That is because matching colors of jewellery results in a more appealing and less complicated look. You should not mix a silver bracelet with gold jewellery for men, or vice versa.
  3. Rings: The next most important thing in men’s jewellery are rings. You can wear as many or as few of them as you want to. If you want to keep it simple, you can wear just one in every hand. On the other hand, if you want more, you can go as far as having one in each finger of both hands. It’s entirely up to you. Just keep the rule of thumb in mind – match them with rest of your jewellery.
  4. Chains: Men also wear chains in their necks, and you may also try them if you want to. However, keep them minimalist – too much craftsmanship in them can make them feel like ladies chains. So choose a gold or silver chain that’s not much sophisticated, and couple it with a simple pendant of your choice if you want to. Otherwise you can also wear the chain itself.
  5. Earrings: These are the last most important items in gold jewellery for men. You can choose one of them to be put into your pierced ears. Don’t overdo this thing – wear one only. Also be very conscious about when to wear them and when not to wear them. For example, if you go to your office with suit on your body and earrings in the ears then you will look and feel like a joke.

So this was our list of five common men’s jewellery items and how you can start wearing them easily. Share your thoughts about these items, and also your preferred style of wearing them in the comments.

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