Fill Wardrobe With Awesome Clothes Which Are Stylish Again

Fill Wardrobe With Awesome Clothes Which Are Stylish Again

Have you ever worn items which lost their popularity and became favorites again in a few years? Today the experts of Cattifly are going to tell us about such distinct species from the world of modern fashion. Make sure you read the article before you throw away the clothes you haven’t put on for several months. May be there are some treasures there you don’t know about. Let’s check together.

  1. Polka-dot dress or blouse. Right, the trend is again popular in 2018. Moreover, if you don’t like the black-and-white classics, we have great news for you. According to Cattifly, this year the world-known designers recommend to stake on unusual polka dots: pink-and-yellow or blue-and-green work well this year. If you are looking for some gorgeous prints for plus size clothes, pay attention to silver and golden polka dots. They will be cute and at the same time preserve the needed slimming effect of the black background.
  2. Velvet grandma’s dress or skirt. Don’t be shy to wear them in 2018 – as the guys from Cattifly assure, retro style is welcomed again in 2018. So if you are tired of super modern cuts and fits, check velvet clothes. Both brand new ones and the options from the far away shelves of your wardrobe will be great. This year they can be combined with short fringed jackets, suede coats and even cowboy boots reminding of popular westerns. Otherwise feel free to use velvet dresses and skirts to create luxurious prom outfits, decorated with shining bright necklaces and long earrings.
  3. Square shouldered-jacket. If you considered the model from your mother’s or grandmother’s heritage a strange invention, the situation has changed now. According to the experts of Cattifly, square-shouldered jackets and vests are extremely popular in 2018. They create a wonderful contrast to a woman’s femininity and emphasize it in the best way. Such clothes are suitable for both formal and informal wardrobes. Match a square-shouldered jacket with a princess or a sheath dress – and you’ll be ready for an evening at a restaurant. Wear it together with a silk jumpsuit – and there will be another amazing formal outfit in your arsenal.
  4. Sheer socks. They have been a part of a casual wardrobe for a long time. And had to be invisible. According to Cattifly, this year sheer socks can be even more important than shoes themselves. If you choose an unusual model of course. They also appear in lots of wedding outfits in 2018.
  5. Dad sneakers. Wearing them together with a casual or even floral summer dress is a good idea this year. The experts of Cattifly add dad sneakers are called ones of the most energy-loaded items of wardrobe in 2018. They remind of earlier generations and stages of fashion development. It’s so pleasant to recognize traditions are still alive. No matter in what way.

The more we learn about fashion, the more we understand it has a lot of secrets to tell us. As the guys from Cattifly conclude, we should always be careful when judging old trends. They may soon become fashionable again.

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