Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Sued!

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Have Kim Kardashian and Kanye West played too much with the law? The two stars find themselves mixed up in lawsuits rather annoying for their image, whereas they are both accused of scam ..

Why does Kim Kardashian win more than her sisters ? The answer is simple, the young woman is simply ruthless in business! For a few years now, the star of reality television has become a business woman. She promotes medicines that she does not use without indicating the side effects, she makes her fans believe that they can get her silhouette with Teas, creams or corsets while it passed under the scalpel to create it … And even its kit of sold very expensive contouring disappointed its public! In short, if Kim Kardashian knows how to generate money, his attitude is sometimes questionable . This explains why his company, Kimsaprincess Inc. , is being sued.

Is Kim Kardashian the queen of scandals ? Indeed via his company, Kim Kardashianhas repeatedly promoted his shell for smartphone LuMee , which allows to illuminate the face of the person who takes a selfie. However, the patent for this innovation was introduced in 2013 by the Snap Light brand , which accuses LuMeeof stealing this concept. It must be said that even the resemblance between the design of the two products is striking! And if Kim is going to have to pay $ 100 million in damages, Kanye West is not going to get better . Indeed it is remembered that the rapper had canceled his Saint Pablo Tour after having made a crisis on stage. And it seems that his insurance company refuses to take charge and pay off the tour! She accuses the rapper of abusing marijuana, which she said was the cause of the cancellation. It will be up to the courts to decide …

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