Shoping In The Charming City Of Sorrento


Sorrento is an Italian town located in the Gulf of Naples in Campania. The picturesque town enjoys a Mediterranean climate; If you prefer more clement times, do not hesitate to visit this beautiful area out of season. Due to its pleasant climate, Sorrento offers one of the longest tourist seasons. The city has attracted visitors for several years. Today, tourists come from all over the world to stroll through its charming streets, to see its famous architecture and, of course, to enjoy some shopping!


The city of Sorrento enjoys a Mediterranean climate. This means that the summers are warm and dry and the winters are rather mild and humid. In spring, pleasant temperatures are assured, with an average of 16 ° C in March and a huge 24 ° C in May. The city can be very busy during the Easter holidays but, outside this week, spring is a time when you can enjoy a relatively quiet stay. With minimal rainfall, this period may be the best time to visit the area. Do not forget to bring a sweater for evenings that are cooler!

Summer is the tourist season of Sorrento, so the city is really crowded. The average temperatures during this season are 26-29 ° C, sometimes exceeding 30 ° C, and there is very little rain. At night, the averages range from 15-17 ° C, making the evenings more comfortable. If you want to explore the archaeological sites of Sorrento in summer, it is advisable to take sunglasses, a hat and wear sunscreen.

Autumn can also be a great time to visit Sorrento and its charming streets, as it is not so hot. The weather in September is glorious and, even better, the summer crowds largely disappeared so you can enjoy the city and spend some time shopping! Average temperatures remain in the mid 20s Celsius, yet the weather cools a bit in October. If you are planning to visit from the month of November, make sure you take an umbrella with you.

The rain continues throughout the winter, but the city receives thunderstorms and sudden showers rather than daily rainfall. Most of the time, the sky is clear and bright and you can enjoy the mild rays of the winter sun. The average temperatures of the day oscillate around 13 ° C while the night temperatures can go down to 4-5 ° C.

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Whether you are looking for gifts for family and friends or a beautiful souvenir for yourself, Sorrento is an excellent place for shopping.

The main shops are located in the heart of the city on Piazza Tasso. This large square is one of the most popular and popular areas of Sorrento, with Corso Italia being one of the best shopping streets in the city. Here you will find the best fashion and shoe shops as well as perfumeries. In the evening, from 19:30, this place is transformed into a pedestrian zone but beware of traffic during the day.

Piazza Tasso is a beautiful central location surrounded by many restaurants, shops and hotels you can find small alleys that include local shops (traditional crafts of Sorrento include leather sandals), Italian food (including the famous lemons Of Sorrento, perfect for the manufacture of the famous limoncello), bakeries and gelatos. Several streets of the old town lead to the Piazza, which are particularly atmospheric to explore in the evening when the shops have closed. I advise you to visit the Piazza during the day as well as during the evening, so you can enjoy the transformation!

How to get to Sorrento

Naples Airport is the closest to Sorrento, 50km from the city center, and is served by the majority of major airlines like British Airways and Easyjet. When you arrive in the province of Naples, you can go to Sorrento by train. The subway, below the Naples Stazione Centrale station, will take you to Sorrento but, beware – this is a suburban train service so the trains are often crowded.

If you prefer a more relaxing ride, Shuttle Direct offers a convenient and economical transportation solution from Naples Airport to the city of Sorrento . You can make your reservation in less than one minute online.

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Or sleep?

Hotel Ascot , Sorrento: Located on Via Romana, this hotel is well placed for views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. The roof terrace of the building includes deck chairs so you can relax while admiring the scenery around you. The hotel has a beautiful inner courtyard, a fountain, an outdoor bar, spacious rooms with balconies and a friendly staff.

Settimo Cielo , Sorrento: This hotel is quite far from the center of Sorrento but the Via Capo is a very nice place with great views of the sea, the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Sorrento is a small town so this accommodation stays very close to the main attractions. The accommodation offers a pleasant breakfast and friendly staff.

Villaggio Verde , Sorrento: This accommodation, located on Via Cesarano, offers competitive prices and clean and comfortable rooms. The city center is within walking distance; The hotel is excellent if you are looking for a quiet and quaint place.

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