Your Lay Ceremony

Lay caremony

More and more of you are being seduced by this concept, which can be said to have revolutionized the world of marriage for several years. A secular ceremony marks the memory of an event without a legal character. The reasons why you contact me vary from one meeting to another, but the ones listed below often prevail;

As future bride and groom:

– you are not tempted by the usual religious side and the religious symbolism of the place of celebration or simply because you are not practicing;

– because you are divorced, pacsed, or a same-sex couple;

– because you wish to renew your vows of marriage;

– because you live abroad and wish to celebrate a beautiful party in France with a trusted officer! (I speak english fluently) ;

– because you want an original ceremony after the vows in town hall, and not a civil ritual

But also because you want to celebrate the arrival of your child, with or without religious baptism.

What is the duration of a ceremony?

I recommend a ceremony lasting between 20 and 40 minutes maximum, so neither too short nor too long.

How does it happen ?

If you are interested in my services, here is the procedure to follow:

– thank you for sending me an e-mail indicating if possible the date of your future ceremony, some details about yourself and the way you want it to happen and I will contact you quickly.

– We can then meet on / around Lyon to talk about *. If you are not from the region, it is also easy to organize an online session via Skype and start the little question and answer game.

– According to the formula chosen, I will write the ceremonial text to you from A to Z and after some retouching / additions with you, I will send you the final copy about a month before your union.

– I will be able to coordinate the contacts between the parents, the relatives of the two fiancés and your friends.

– A few days before the wedding, we will organize a phone appointment or Skype to finalize the last small details for the big day.

* NB: given a busy schedule, it is not always possible to organize a preparation meeting outside Lyon, but I will do my best to satisfy you.

Remember to book your lay ceremony now!

Indeed, this ceremony will have to fit in the planning of your wedding, baptism … and, the better the days will arrive, the more the availability of your officiant Nicolas will be reduced.

And you, during the ceremony?

A secular ceremony is a celebration of your love and if you are confident with each other and with the public, it will be the most beautiful moment of your holiday. All you have to do is let yourself be guided by me, from the beginning of the music to the final thanks. Of course, you will rise once or twice to share a specific moment, for the ritual, for the exchange of vows and alliances, but most of the time it is me who will accompany you during this symbolic ceremony with your speakers and relatives. With my expertise, you will be able to rest on me so that everything goes perfectly and that it is the best day of your life as a couple!

Which place to choose for your ceremony?

Outside (as in the famous “American style” ceremonies with two rows of chairs for guests, a small altar, an ark for the bride and groom),

In front of the castle / manor where you will have the reception of the evening, in a field for the country style …

Indoors (to anticipate well in advance in case of bad weather),

We will think together of the place where a small altar will be placed to place the two married and the desk for the officiant (desk included in the performance).

We will also see how to place your decorations, arches, flowers etc …

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